It’s time to ride

I introduce e-bike Jam2 6.7 plus

L’e-bike Jam2 6.7 plus equipped with a Shimano STEPS E8000 engine, it represents a new way to keep fit in a fun way, creating and sharing unforgettable memories with friends.

With a weight of 2.88 Kg and 70Nm of power it supports the steepest climbs without problems. The intuitive system provides the right level of assistance along the rough routes and trails through the woods, the E8000 allows you to jump over obstacles and drive the vehicle just like on a traditional MTB.

The low center of gravity offers responsive handling and easy control in every situation. The Shimano system consists of a control unit, battery, display and complete transmission that work in harmony to offer a natural and enhanced driving experience. In fact, taking advantage of the intuitive pedal assistance, the impression is to be riding a traditional bike but much easier and more fun.

GThanks to the Di2 electronic system it is also possible to have a completely automatic transmission management that adapts according to effort and slope, in addition to each stop the system automatically switches to a lower ratio to allow a comfortable and effortless restart.

Maximum safety against tire punching, the tires are Ready Tubeless and about 20% larger than the average, while offering greater traction, stability and control.The regolation of the saddle height occurs without getting off the bike, the operation is hydraulic and the control is simply placed on the handlebar.

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